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Dependable Tile Installation in Atlanta, GA

G&E Tile is a family owned and operated home improvement company with a specialization in tile installation in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area. With over 15 years of experience as tile installers, we offer wide range of tile work and services to meet the needs of your home. Would your home benefit from one of these custom tile design upgrade options that are available right now?

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
Backsplash installation
Floor installations

Our home installation services include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, and glass tile. Using the latest tools and techniques, you will find that a home tile design from G&E Tile is surprisingly affordable. If you’re ready to explore the options that are available for your home right now, then contact our tile company today at (770) 710-9092 for a no obligation conversation about the benefits of installing tile today.

Why Choose Tile Installation?

Tile has been used for thousands of years because it has numerous benefits that other building products just can’t provide. Not only are the various types of tile environmentally friendly, the life cycle of tile can outlast virtually all other materials in the home. Laminate and vinyl floors all need to be completely replaced over time.

Tile floors, showers, backsplashes, and other installations can literally last for a lifetime in exchange for a little proactive maintenance.

There are four other benefits that come with the decision to use our tile installation services in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas for your next home remodeling project.

1. It improves the indoor air quality of the home. There are no volatile organics used to create tile. At G&E Tile, we can also use grout or glue that has no or low volatile organics as well. This reduces the chances of developing breathing problems and other health issues because of the presence of these compounds.
2. It is a closed loop product. Tile manufacturing uses materials multiple times in the creation of new products, reducing the amount of waste that is created compared to other home products.
3. It is hypoallergenic. Germs hate having a surface that is clean and dry. Tile is easy to maintain to create these conditions, which further improves the indoor air quality.
4. It is easy to maintain. Tile can often be cleaned with warm water only. This eliminates the need to stock potentially dangerous cleaning chemicals in the home.

As a tile company in Atlanta, GA we at G&E Tile may specialize in kitchen and bathroom installations, but tile isn’t just for these rooms. It is a product that can improve the appearance and livability of any room while potentially adding value to your home at the same time. If you’re tired of constantly maintaining your carpet or want something that has a more affordable life cycle than hardwood, then consider tile today.

It is a decision that will literally change your life.

What We Do


We use some of the latest tools and techniques to produce a high quality product at a reasonable price.


We specialize in services such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile, floor and backsplash installations.


We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

How Can Tile Installations Services From G&E Tile Help You?

Tile adds the best value to any home. It offers a long-term flooring option that won’t fade in sunlight like other building options. It can even be used outdoors for entryways, front door porches, and paths. It is naturally water-resistant and may even give you better traction when the surface is wet than other options.

As a backsplash, tile helps to protect the walls of your kitchen. No matter how good your ventilation system happens to be, there will be food particles and grease released when cooking on your stovetop. Those materials have to be deposited somewhere and the most likely location is the walls of the kitchen. Over time, this degrades the integrity of the drywall.

Instead of having these deposits on the wall, have them be on the backsplash. The tile makes it easier to clean up the deposits when they appear and this improves the cleanliness of the kitchen environment. Add in the durability of tile and the traditional elegance that it provides and it is easy to see why a home tile design makes sense.

As tile contractors G&E Tile is ready to help you create a custom tile design that will improve the look and value of your home today. Let our 15 plus years of experience as tile contractors benefit your home today. Contact us at (770) 710-9092 and take the first step toward installing a high quality product in your home that can last for a lifetime. Our tile installers are just waiting to hear from you!


G&E Tile was my first and only choice. They worked on my parents kitchen and did an excellent job! After seeing the finished product, I knew I would be making a mistake if I chose anyone else.


Bob Woodson, buyer Smyrna GA
Steve and his team of professionals are great at listening to my needs and providing a good outline for the project all the way through to completion. I would definitely recommend his services to any one interested.


Jerry Chrisphonte, Atlanta GA
I purchased a new construction townhome but the master bath was totally dysfunctional, and the finishes were basic contractor grade. When I looked at all the things I wanted to change, I decided to start from scratch and get everything just the way I wanted including a completely new travertine tile.
Joni Savoye, home owner